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Wherever You Go No Matter What The Weather Always Bring Your Own Sunshine | Quote

Every day the sun shines and lighten up everything. It is all about your heart, if your heart feels sad then nothing can cheer you up and if your heart feels happy then you’ll find happiness within everything.

Learn to be happy and find something positive in every bad situation. Every bad thing happens for a reason, a door closes because a new one is about to open and trust me one day you’ll be thankful for that closure. 

Learn to forgive, learn to be happy, learn to find beauty in everything bad and last but not the least always be thankful.


Cherish every day of your life, you won’t get it again. Sprinkle every gathering with your smiles, positivity and laughter. Lighten every room you enter, help people in their dark times and be a reason for someone’s happiness. 

At the end it’s not about how much money you have earned, or what your financial status is. It’s about the hearts you have made happy, how many people you have helped and how many pure relations you have made.

Wherever you go no matter what the weather always bring your own sunshine | quote

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