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Where There's A Will There's A Way | Quote

There is a famous quote by Paulo Coelho “and when you want something, all the world conspires in helping you to achieve it”. If Steve jobs can be the owner of Apple, bill gates the CEO of Microsoft, why can’t you become the master of your future? Are they super humans with super powers and you are just an ordinary human? The answer to this is, yes they have super powers and do you know what these superpowers are? These are consistency, strong will, a positive attitude to not quit and a desire to grow every single day.


If you want to achieve something, then you should be stubborn enough to endure everything that comes as a hurdle in your path. Always remember if you can imagine it, then you can also do it. Sometimes it happens things don’t work out like the way you thought, you have two options in such conditions. Number one give up right away and be a loser, number two come up with a better strategy and a contingency plan and make it work. If you have a will then you will find your way for sure.

Where there's a will there's a way | quote

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