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The Past Is Your Lesson The Present Is Your Gift The Future Is Your Motivation | Quote

Mistakes are a person’s best teacher, wise learn from them and fools don’t bother about the lessons at all, they get bitter not better. Don’t be stuck in the past or your mistakes, remember when one door closes another door opens. Mistake means you are human, if you make any, learn from them and vow to yourself to not do that again in the future. Everything that has hurt you, has also taught you something remember that.

There is light at the end of every tunnel, your past was not good don’t worry, try to make your future better. Your life is a gift to you, nobody knows when they’ll take their last breath, admit your mistakes and be gracious that you have another day to make things get better. They say, “what you sow so shall you reap”. If you work hard today success will be your reward tomorrow. Your scars do not make you ugly, they make you look beautiful, and they mean that once you tried. Keep moving forward.

The past is your lesson the present is your gift the future is your motivation | quote

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