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The Only Guarantee For Failure Is Stop Trying | Quote

Consistency, patience and hard work are the keys to success but do you know what the key is to failure is? The answer to this is I can’t do it attitude. Let’s just say you are doing a degree, studies are so hard or there is an exam tomorrow and you think that the syllabus is so hard, no I can’t do that and in the fear of that you don’t study. Will you get a distinction with this attitude or will you fail? Of course you will fail. The syllabus is hard for everyone, but still some students get distinction, what is the reason behind that, their intellect or their hard work and consistency? It is definitely their hard work, consistency and a can do attitude that gets them a distinction from all other students.


Life is also an exam, everybody has different subjects (goals), do what you need to do to achieve your goals. Think positive, think big and stay calm. Aim at the moon, if you won’t be able to touch the moon you’ll hit a galaxy. Hard work is always a win win, in life if you fail once, try again next time, work hard, this time you won’t start from scratch, you’ll start from experience.

The only guarantee for failure is stop trying | quote

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