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The Key To Achievement Is Being A How Thinker And Not An If Thinker | Quote

In life, what you think is what you’ll achieve, positive thinking leads to positive results. Big thinkers are always big achievers, they always focus their thoughts and on their goals. They look for ways to achieve them and start taking actions. The only barrier between you and your dreams is your thoughts. If you focus only on difficulties and what ifs, then all you’ll get are defeats and rejections. Pessimism will need you nowhere and you’ll be doomed.


Always think of ways you can to achieve your goals and overcome the difficulties and barriers you face along the way. If something does not work, make it work, still if does not work, think of an alternative. Smile to your problems and defeat them with positivity. Relax and understand the nature of the problems. Every win has a price and that is pain, patience and endurance so uninstall negativity from your brain, have some patience and try to find something positive in everything. If you fail once, try second time, if you fail again try for the 3rd time, this time you will start with experience and remember experience is the best teacher.

The key to achievement is being a how thinker and not an if thinker | quote

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