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The Best Preparation For Tomorrow Is Doing Your Best Today | Quote

Not everybody is born with a gold spoon in their mouth, for most of us it takes months, years and sometimes decades to be successful. If you want a shiny prosperous future do you think you will sit idle and next day you’ll be rich or successful? Definitely no, you will work hard every day, you will face hurdles, you will see the people you love the most opposing you, some will call you a loser and tell you that you don’t have that potential. Under such condition you will be consistent and patient. It is all about consistency, tiny small steps every day that indicate you have not stopped trying. These small steps will lead you to a better tomorrow and a better life.


It is not about just one day, it’s about every single day of your life where you put an effort to become a better you, it’s about accumulative struggles of all your life, it’s about all your mistakes that have given a lesson and finally it’s about a part of you that never chose to give up. So muster up all your courage, set a goal and do something if you want a successful future.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today | quote

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