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Success Doesn't Come From What You Do Occasionally But What You Do Consistently | Quote

Success is all about consistency, it does not come all at once. Success is the combination of small things that you do every day in order to have a successful future. Remember the story of rabbit and tortoise, they went for a race. Rabbit took few leaps and just when he was about to reach the race endpoint, he thought why not he should take some rest, the tortoise will take hours to reach anyways and he slept. The tortoise kept walking and did not stop and eventually won the race while the rabbit kept sleeping. So walking faster for some time and then taking rest did not prove to be in favor of rabbit and consistency led the tortoise to win.


Philosophy of life is same, in order to win you need to show perseverance and keep working hard every day. Between luck and hard work, hard work always wins. If you fail once, try again next time, get up every time you fall. A day will come when you small efforts will get you big rewards.

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally - but what you do consistently | quote

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