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If You Get Tired Learn To Rest Not To Quit | Quote

To go from zero to being you own hero takes nothing but a firm will and positive attitude. Sometimes when we are working to achieve our goals we get tired, we feel like giving up, our hopes are shattered, in such conditions take some rest and hibernate for some time. Then come back to the scenario with a surprise and fight harder next time.

Set goals for yourself and reward yourself every time once you reach that goal. So what you had a bad semester? You lost your job, so what? You gained some weight, you lost your loved one, so what? What now? You love, you try again, and that’s what it actually is.


If you are feeling bad today, you know what a day will come when you’ll tell your stories to others how you overcame this and your stories will be someone’s survival’s guide. There is a silver lining at the end of every tunnel, take your time, you are not in competition with everyone, you day will come and you will shine.
If you get tired learn to rest not to quit | quote

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