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Falling Down Is An Accident - Staying Down Is A Choice | Quote

If you are born poor, it is an accident but if you stay poor it is your choice. If something fails you then it is an incidence, if you don’t recover and learn from it then it is your choice. It’s all about choices you make, a choice to work hard or not, a choice to give up or not, a choice to surrender to your difficulties or not, a choice to show patience or not.


Let’s consider the example of a baby learning to walk, before learning to walk a baby fells many times. Fall eight times and still get up for the next time, that’s what perseverance is. You can get up each time unless you think you are a failure. It’s all in your mind, if you think you can do it then there is no power in the world that can undo it. Your destiny lies in your own hands, you have the power to make it or destroy your future with your own hands. I know the choice to not give up is hard I know but your dreams are worth it trust me.

Falling down is an accident - staying down is a choice | quote

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