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Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight | Quote

Have you heard about the story of Robert the Bruce, he was the king of England in 13th century. His country was attacked by England army and was defeated badly. There were six battles fought and he lost every battle, his army got shorter day by day. He had to hide himself in a cave to save his life. He was in despair and totally on a verge of giving up. While he was thinking about his country and his throne he noticed a spider that was trying to weaver his thread from one end of a cave to another end. Every time the spider tried to spin his web, the thread fell down. On 8th attempt the spider was successful to spin his web.


The king was fascinated by the actions of spider and cried thinking that if a small creature can have a courage like that why can’t you Bruce? He got up called his men, gave them a plan, gathered a big army and fought 7th time with a determination to win and guess what he beat the army of England and got back his throne in 1314. After 14years England recognized Scotland as an independent country and Robert got the title of Robert I.
This story has an inspiration for everyone, whenever you think you are losing, don’t lose hope and try again and again until you succeed.

Fall seven times stand up eight | quote

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