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Victory Is Always Possible For The Person Who Refuses To Stop Fighting | Quote

You are an already winner as long as you are trying. Victory is guaranteed by hard work and continuous efforts to achieve the life goals. If you are fighting, victory is your future. This formula applies in every walk of life, whether you are trying to learn a new language, trying to loose weight, getting a new degree, learning a new sports, if you don’t give up you don’t lose. It is that simple.
A farmer works very hard throughout the year, he prepares the soil, plough seeds, water it daily and eventually get the fruit of his hard work. Sometimes the odds go against him and rains or a disease destroy his crops, in such cases he does not give up and prepare his soil for the next season.


You can’t see the sunshine if you only look at west, your defeat starts the day when you chose to give up. If you don’t give up, have a strong determination, only look at the brighter side, then a bright future is waiting for you. If you fail, change your strategy, be flexible and build a life of your dreams with your own hands.

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting | quote

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